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Got questions? ask away! 

  • Is there a place I can see your work?
    Simply go to my WEBSITE page and peruse a sampling of my sites. If you don't see what you are looking for, or have more questions, send me a quick note and I will be happy to email you some links to other work to help you see a broader view of what I do.
  • Will you train me how to manage my own site?
    Yes! I include a one-hour training session with every site. I believe you should have true ownership and access to all files, images, logo and other information within your site. If you choose to do this you can edit any or all aspects of your site. More often then not, my clients see an increase in business to the point of not having time to manage thier site. If this is the case, or if you do not wish to manage your own updates from day one, I am happy to continue to do so at my hourly rate.
  • Do you provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? What will you do to optimize my site?
    We provide SEO services on all of our website designs. We develop Google-friendly websites that are easily seen by all the major search engines. You'll see immediate results when you build and launch with us.
  • What are your annual fees?
    Fees, shmees. I don't believe in monthly or annual fees. You pay for the hosting, email, and any other apps required to power your site (this varies depending on your needs) and that is it. I believe in working for my money and amazing my clients. If you have actual work that needs done, I have an hourly rate, that paired with my hyper-efficient skills, you only pay me when you need me!
  • Do I work with the designer or a project manager?
    One advantage I offer compared to bigger agencies is that you'll be talking directly to YOUR personal designer Joni, (that's me!) or my business partner | husband Nathan, who handles the higher technical issues and invoicing. It is just us from inquiry to launch. You won't be working through a project manager who is guarding your creative team's time. When we work with you, we're ALL IN!
  • Can my site look great on a mobile device?
    Absolutely! We know that more often than not, people are looking up businesses on the go. Your site will look just as stunning on a phone, tablet or desktop. This is priority. The message of your site will be clear no matter how customers find you.
  • I have a blog I am happy with. Can you transfer that content into a new site?
    Yes! I can facilitate transferring your content into a new design without losing anything, and train you on adding new posts to your blog.

Have more questions?

Contact me directly anytime!

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