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After 15 successful years in business in Downtown Kalispell, MT, Jesi Schuman, owner of Salon Jazlin, was ready for a brand overhaul. She came to me looking to revamp everything from their logo, salon front signage, website and business cards. 

Her requests included giving everything a fresh, modern feel including elements of metallic gold and a more updated and simple font. She gave me creative license on the color pallet and layout, with the end goal of directing new and existing clientele to book online due to the busy nature of the stylists and how challenging it can be answering phones while servicing and staying present with their hair and nail clients. 

These ladies are so talented and full of personality and we worked together to better show off how welcoming and fun their salon experience is.

I added their instagram feed to the site which is another great way for her team to showcase their work in a way that saves them time and automatically updates on the website each time they make a post. 

Each element of their new brand now works together so beautifully, they are proud of their website experience and how it feels just as welcoming as walking through their doors.

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Copy of Brown Green Camouflage Price Lis
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Copy of Brown Green Camouflage Price Lis

After ten years of filling family and friend's bellies for free, Kristen Opperman decided to go pro in the Spring of 2015 after the birth of her youngest son when she took over the business from another caterer.  After 5 years in the catering, she decided to change the name, rebrand her business, and truly make it her own as the "K" in Kopper Kitchen.

Kristen's requests for her new brand included, (of course) a nod at her favorite copper cookware and serving dishes, both of which have been a staple in her kitchen memories dating back to being that little girl helping in her grandma's kitchen.

She is never far from her Chef's knife and knew that had to be included in her logo as well. We worked together to nail her vision of what represented all of who she is and what she literally "brings to the table" throughout her logo, website and beautiful images.

She wanted the aesthetic of her brand to feel like the experience she gives every client. Upscale but not untouchable. 

Her individual meals and family-style food delivery are incredibly convenient for eating right on the go, not succumbing to fast food and busy family schedules. Check out more on the website and her facebook page! 

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Copy of Brown Green Camouflage Price Lis
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