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You're a details person.........

here is the full rundown of a how we manage a project from 1 to 10....

CONTACT ME and we will set a time that works for us to just sit and chat about your vision, here is where I want to hear your heart, feel your passion for what you do! I am committed to working only with folks I believe I can bring an exceptional value. This process will tell us both if we're a good fit.

If that is the kind of partnership you are looking for: keep reading!


If budget, scope, and timeline are a match and you would like to move forward, we'll write up a detailed list of what will be included in your project, along with start and prospected launch dates, and our project fee, and send it to your email. If you accept, simply hit the 'ACCEPT' button in the form and we will be ready to move on! 


The rest of your payment (50%) will be due in 30 days from the date of the signed contract. We like to work efficiently and this is generally enough time for us to get your site prepared, the faster you get your content to me the quicker I can move! I will not be going anywhere after launch, don’t worry. A month of free support, training, and within-scope changes (ie: textual changes, image additions we are waiting on from photographer etc) are included in all projects. I can take check, cash or credit cards for a convenience fee of +3%.


Sending your initial payment means your project is officially happening. I tailor my project management to each client. After scheduling, we'll make a plan for how we are going to collaborate and collect project details. We can use email, dropbox, and thumb drives for image collection.

I have a content-first design philosophy. This means that the first thing we will do, before your project even officially begins, is talk about your site’s navigation, graphic assets (things like logo, illustrations, icons), site copy, and photography. Though you'll be able to edit all of the content on your future site of course, we'll need a practical amount of "real" content in order to begin. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through exactly what is needed, and you’ll have plenty of time to prep.







Our official start date means that you will be seeing real pages in just a number of days.

I may present a home page, item page, a collection page, or all three together. (It varies project to project.) Grab some coffee and have a look! Previews are presented online using Wix Feedback links. This is your actual site where you can click the area for me to make a change, leave me a note and save us all lots and lots of time (not explaining in what paragraph I have made a typo...hey, I am human after all!).

The details of this part of the process depend on how quickly you can get us additional content or give us feedback on the site progress. If we are creating a store for you, we’ll be placing test orders, combing through the site together for errors, and generally getting you GO FOR LAUNCH.


The site is built, polished, and ready to deploy. Now it’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to publish. My work here is almost done; the final invoice is paid or coming your way. Please note: we are flexible about splitting up payments. If a different schedule is more convenient, let me know. I am happy to work with you! 


My favorite day! You get to see your site out there gracing the web world with its beauty and user friendliness!! Go crazy and share the good news with your social following, friends and clients! We will be doing the same over here, celebrating a great project completed right along with you on launch day. HOORAY! 



We aren't going anywhere. Our projects come with one full month of support after the development phase is complete. Your business is going to grow and change, and web standards will too. Any changes after the 30 day mark will be billed hourly at our reduced client rate, but don't worry, if you are planning on doing your own updates, I will schedule an hour of training on your site free of charge. If things get so successful for you with the new site that you would rather have me make changes just holler! I am here for you!




7. perfecting & testing

1. let's meet

2. proposal is sent

3. send your deposit

4. let's go!

5. site content chat

6. i get cracking!

8. final touches

9. launch day!

10. support

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